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Title: Strawberries and Cream
Author: Tyrror
Pairings: Dick/Wally (Robin/Kid Flash)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Wally is very, very hungry. Unfortunately for Robin, he is the only thing in the room.

“Duuuude…” Wally’s whine was barely audible from where he lay face down on the floor of Robin’s room, “I’m soooo hungry…”

This was, astounding as it may seem, not the first time that Robin had ever heard those words leave the mouth of his best friend. It was, however, the first time that the redhead had looked up at him with an expression that genuinely worried him. His eyes were glazed over, his complexion even more pale then normal causing his freckles to stand out obscenely on the eggshell white of his skin. The thought briefly ran through the Boy Wonder’s mind that, if Wally was able to consume such large quantities of food because his metabolism ran so much faster than a normal human, what would happen if he didn’t get the food that his hyper-metabolic body required? Would he pass out? Would he risk dying? Would he hurtle himself at his best friend like a rabid hyena without warning or explanation?

Of course it would be the latter.

The noise that left Robin’s throat as he toppled backwards with the sudden propulsive force that was his best friend was less than dignified but hardly a conscious effort. Taking the half a second he needed to garner some bearing of his new situation turned out to be a bad choice as he felt a warm, gloved hand slip around to the back of his neck and KF’s forehead press gently against his where it hadn’t been the instant before. This was the trouble with having a speedster as the one person you trusted more than anyone else in the world, no matter how quickly you thought there was always the possibility that they would simply move faster. Another hand traced gentle lines along the corner of his mouth and he felt an unwelcome warmth rising in his cheeks at the overly affectionate display when Wally started talking again.

“Mmm…” the redhead mumbled, his breath blowing across Robin’s face in a way that sent shivers down his spine for reasons he didn’t fully understand. “So pretty.” The older boy continued, running his hand out over Robin’s cheek before dropping it down onto the smaller boy’s chest.

“Like strawberries and cream…can I taste you?”

The words echoed around the suddenly empty insides of Robin’s mind as he fought to comprehend exactly what had just happened. His heart was beating furiously and his ears had begun to burn in the milliseconds he had to think before the world suddenly froze around him as he felt something warm and wet trace a path along the length of his mouth. Wally’s tongue pressed into the crease created by Robin’s lips and without realizing it, the darker boy was leaning into an embrace that his mind still hadn’t had time to wrap itself around.

“Robs…” he heard the redhead mumble with only the barest moment of separation between them, “Tasty…”

Then the older boy’s tongue was replaced with a strong pair of lips as he used his weight to push Robin onto his back. The groan that rose from somewhere within the smaller boy surprised even himself and that surprise was only added to as the redhead took the moment of opportunity to thrust a muscle Robin was becoming more and more acquainted with into his open mouth. He could taste the other boy as he felt Wally’s tongue explore the inside of his mouth and while some part of him knew that he should end this, that he should figure out what was wrong with his best friend, but the majority of his mind and, it would seem, all of his body were perfectly content to just lie there and let the older boy explore every nook and cranny of the inside his mouth. Robin’s hands had just started making their way towards a pair of yellow clad shoulders in what he was assuming was going to be some sort of motion that would bring the redhead closer until, much to his distaste, a very particular noise rang out from deeper in the cave.

“Dinner’s ready!”

The martian’s voice was chipper as per usual and by the time the first syllable fell from her lips Wally was halfway down the hall with a fading cry of “Food!” following in his wake. As Robin sat up for the first time in what could have easily been either minutes or hours, a gloved hand came up to rest on what felt like very swollen lips that still tasted like Wally when he ran his tongue over them out of habit and a very clouded mind began to finally clear.

“That was…” he stumbled through words aimed at the empty air, “You just…”

Pulling his lower lip into his mouth, Robin chewed it lightly as he thought.


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