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Title: Bro Hugs
Author: Tyrror
Pairing: Dick/Roy (Robin/Red Arrow)
Rating: PG
Summary: Robin would never admit that, when things get a bit too heavy for his liking, he likes to be held. Luckily for him, bros don’t always need to speak.

When the number of dark and evil things that want you dead are in such a high level as those Roy Harper experiences on a daily basis, recognizing when you are not alone in your own home is more an instinct than proper training. However, noticing that there is someone else in your home is a far cry from knowing who that someone might be. This, happily, was not one of those instances.

Making his way through the dingy living room of his one bedroom apartment, Roy briefly parted the single beam of light passing through the crack in his curtains where it was cast by the street lamp outside. It was rare for this still new superhero to receive guests and this particular guest had a tendency of arriving on less than happy pretences, however this could not prevent the small smirk which made its way onto Roy’s face as he cracked the bedroom door. Lying atop the bed, amidst the rumpled sheets and scattered pillows, lay a curled form that was all-too-familiar to the archer. The Springs gave a moan of protest as the older boy sat down and he placed his hand close to the other boy who was still curled into his side on the bed such as to not surprise him though Roy was certain he had known the redhead was there from the moment the front door had opened, if not even sooner.

“Hey,” he said in his normal, gruff tone, “Bats being an ass again?”

The question was met by a garbled noise that tended to suffice for an answer under such circumstances as this. It was not entirely unheard of for the Batboy to arrive on Roy’s doorstep unannounced in such a manner, although his doorstep was less common than his bed, but even with so much of their now very rare alone time spent in such awkward silence Roy could not say that he didn’t enjoy their time together. Placing his hand gently on the smaller boys shoulder, Roy. Let out a single canned laugh and stated,

” Well if you were going to act like that, I suppose I will just have to go make myself a sandwich.”

The reaction he was quite clearly expecting was almost instantaneous. The hand on his shoulder was suddenly gripped tightly by a much smaller, gauntleted hand with which he was growing increasingly more familiar and he allowed himself to relax further into the bed such as to increase the comfort of both of them. Roy traced his thumb gently over the back of the hand that held his so tightly, knowing full well that Robin likely could not feel his gentle touch through the thick material of his gloves but by now the action was almost an unconscious habit. With a gentle tug, the younger boy’s hand slowly began to pull Roy towards the bed until such a point as the older boy was lying flush against the younger’s back .

The rehead’s arm gently wrapped itself around the younger boy’s waist, pulling him closer and allowing the heat from his body to slowly seep into the darker boy where he was still cold from the long journey over. The slow, steady heartbeat beneath his hands a gentle reminder of exactly who he held in his arms. With a length of time that Roy was uncertain of, the smaller boy slowly shifted , turning himself so that they were face-to-face; or rather face to chest, where Robin gently pressed the fabric of his mask into the soft cotton of Roy’s T-shirt. More to himself then to anyone else, Roy gently sighed; the younger boys breathing never changing. Pressing his nose down into the soft black hair of his young friend, the older boy spoke in the only way he knew.

“You know, if anyone ever sees us like this, I’m simply going to claim that you are the woman in the relationship.”

He was rewarded by a less than forceful blow to the chest from where one small balled up fist lay clenching the material of his shirt. Chuckling slightly to himself Roy squeezed the smaller boy just that much harder and held on for exactly as much as he was needed. He was still uncertain exactly what their acting like this might mean in the longer run, however at this particular moment he was not one to care. They were there when they needed each other and that was all that matters.


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