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Title: The Strength to Move Forward
Pairing: Dick/Wally (Robin/Kid Flash) (Onesided)
Rating: PG
Summary: When Wally finds someone to fall in love with outside the team, Robin reacts in a way that no one saw coming.

Dick watched him walk away.

Watched him wave and smile that stupid, crooked smile of his. Watched him hold the other boy’s hand as they disappeared into the dark to wind up God-knows-where and do God-knows-what…together…

Unlike him.

Dick watched him walk away, but that wasn’t what worried the rest of the cave. What worried them was the fact that he kept watching.

Through evening and dusk into the black of night, through warm breeze and chill wind that came with days end, like a statue he watched the world with unseeing eyes and didn’t care to move in the slightest.

He had been there, standing at the end of the hanger for six hours, it was edging towards dawn and no one had said a word to him in that entire time. Albeit, no one knew what it was that had cemented him to the spot and therefore no one knew what could be said to change it, however they were all aware that something was wrong and just how much they should be doing something about it.

As is often the case, courage took the form of a strong arm and a woman’s intuition when slender, pale fingers placed themselves gently on his shoulder. He didn’t move, frozen as he was, but the girl was certain he knew not only that she was there but who she was without so much as turning his head.

“Robin?” The word hung on the air, kept aloft by the silent darkness of the night to an almost excruciating point before he decided to speak.

“He left me…”

The younger boy’s voice was small, far smaller than the boisterous laughter that normally tumbled from so small a frame and Artemis was forced to realize exactly how small the boy really was in that moment.

“He’s on a date, not going to war.”

She tried to sound jovial, flippant, like herself but there was something in the atmosphere that seemed to remind her that this was too wrong and her jokes fell flat with a nearly audible sound.

“I know,” the younger boy muttered, “I just always assumed that he would…”

His voice dropped to the point where it was barely audible and the blonde was forced to lean in closer to hear what he had to say.

“He would…” the sound caught somewhat, his words throaty and mucous filled, “pick me…”

Realization suddenly struck the girl as to what exactly the youngster was waiting for and she smiled sadly to herself at the thought. From the corner of her eye she could see the stream of liquid glimmer in the moonlight where it traced a line from his mask to his chin and her fingers held just a little bit tighter to the shoulder beneath her palm.

“Yeah,” she said weakly, glancing away from the smaller boy in the hopes that he wouldn’t notice the look on her face, “I know…”


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