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Title: Do a Barrel Roll
Author: Tyrror
Pairing: Dick/Wally
Rating: PG
Summary: Just your average, normal, every-day night at the Wayne manner…yup…

“Do a barrel roll!” The redhead said in a far too excited manner for the third time in as many seconds directly behind and slightly to the right of his best friends head. Despite the painful flinch that Dick experienced at the volume Wally was capable of producing, his hands stayed steady on the controller to the game system and the tiny airship on the screen remained unscathed. Until…

Dick could only assume that the garbled, high-pitched sound that came out of the ginger’s mouth barely a second after it had closed was some super-speed version of the same sentence he had been spouting, but his brain didn’t register that fact nearly as fact as his body registered the surprise and launched the controller across the room in what could only be described as a flail. Ever so slowly, with one arm still extended across his body and roughly pointed towards the upper corner of the opposite wall, the younger man closed his eyes and let his chin tilt towards his chest as he drew a breath before letting it out in an exasperated sigh. Pulling his arms back in from their askew positions, he turned to the man next to him and placed an arm lightly across his shoulders. His mouth a thin, tight line, he took another long moment to blink as he heard the sound of an explosion followed by a screaming computer character echo out of the television at his ships demise and he spoke.

“Wally,” he said softly, one eyebrow twitching slightly without conscious thought, “Why do you keep telling me of all people how to play a video game.”

Much to the younger man’s surprise, which was becoming an increasingly infrequent occurrence since he had taken up the mantel of the bat himself, the redhead smiled and leaned into the smaller man, thumping their foreheads together before responding with,

“Is it so terrible that I want to be the only thing on your mind? I mean, considering how little I manage to get done with you always on mine. Fair’s fair and all…”

His grinned winded a little bit as the darker man’s eyes slipped down and to the left, a pale blush running up his face as if trying to catch his gaze halfway.

“That was either the sweetest or stupidest thing I’ve ever heard you say…”

“Can I go for the former,” the redhead questioned wryly, lifting his head just a fraction of distance from the other man before letting it fall back into place with a soft ‘thunk’ and watching as the thin line of Dick’s mouth slowly began to creep upwards at the corners only to be consciously pulled back down in an ever failing battle. Opening his mouth to say yet one more thing he hadn’t planned on voicing that evening, the room was suddenly filled with a voice that was distinctly not his and he felt the space in front of his face very quickly vacated as Dick pulled his head back to a more…respectful distance.

“Hey bro,” the intruder drawled smoothly, making his way across the grandiose third floor entertainment room to lean a pair of strong arms against the back of the sofa they sat on.

“You guys need anything? Drinks?” The other man leaned down even lower, letting more of his weight sink into the plush material of the sofa, his voice sinking with his body into something dark, quiet, and mischievous. “Condoms?”

“Jason…” Dick’s arm tensed where it still lay across the redhead’s shoulders, but it wasn’t until the newest addition to the room spoke again that he was actually forced to react.

“A third?”

The words had barely left Jason’s mouth when Dick launched himself over the back of the sofa at the younger boy who, realizing the kind of reaction he might receive, had taken the liberty of several steps away before turning to bolt, cackling, from the room. Behind him, Dick’s bare feet on the carpet made a gentle counterpoint to the clunky, loud claps of Jason’s boots as they ran, one behind the other, out the doorway and down the hall.

Tripping over the edge of an enormous and frayed throw rug sprawled across the hall, Jason skidded past the stairwell he had intended to descend and instead chose to take the next corner further into the labyrinthine depths of the Wayne manner. Despite the imminent danger for his life, he grinned a satisfied grin and grabbed at an ornate carving affixed to the next corner such that he might use it to swing into the adjoined hall.

“Replacement!” he heard himself shout into the empty halls, “Why don’t you give your big brother a hand!”

From somewhere deep within the cavernous halls of the manner, a rather bored sounding monotone echoed back to him from wherever the third Robin has sequestered himself that evening.

“Do a barrel roll…”


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