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Title: Between a Redhead and Things Best Left Unmentioned…
Author: Tyrror
Pairing: Dick/Wally (Robin/Kid Flash)
Rating: PG
Summary: Robin talks in his sleep…Kid Flash (surprisingly) is not deaf.

“They all float down here…” The words echoed erily into the dark from just behind the redhead’s shoulder as he turned to shout, but even as the words left his mouth, “Damn it Robs, I swear if you don’t…” there was no one there. “You’ll what?” the voice started up again, albeit a good bit less demonic than moments before. “Risk getting on the B-man’s bad side just to get back at your bestest buddy ever?”

The younger boy sprang reflexively back as he turned, using the rivulet of water that ran down the center of the underground tunnel in which they stood to separate them. A small grin slipped onto the darker boys lips at the sight of the other’s frown and he raised one eyebrow questioningly. “Best pain-in-the-ass is more like it.” Wally retorted, “But I can think of a few things which I’m rather certain you wouldn’t want getting back to,” the older boy glanced around the shadows, “You know who”

With one hand raised suspiciously to the side of his mouth while the other pointed towards the ceiling, the last words were whispered as if saying ‘His’ name would summon him from the darkness itself. Chuckling slightly, Robin crossed his arms and made to lean back against the wall behind him before remembering where he was and straightening with a grimace. “And what might Kid Clutz have on me that the world’s greatest detective hasn’t already figured out…and put me through the wringer for…”

“Oh, nothing much,” the redhead waved absentmindedly with one hand, “I mean, sure, he’s likely got your -pants- hemmed with hidden mics, but I doubt even The…” Wally stumbled over his words for a second before mouthing ‘Batman’ and continuing on, “bothers with what a thirteen year old mutters in his sleep.” The older boy’s grin was nothing short of predatory, but his cohorts response as minimal as to be expected and consisted of nothing more than a shifted stance and a quirked eyebrow.

“Because really,” the older boy began, the only warning of his movement being a slight breeze in the cramped quarters before a gloved hand braced itself on the wall just above Robin’s shoulder. Glancing in as nonchalant a manner as he could at his freehand, Wally pretended to inspect his fabric-coverd fingernails as he continued. “Who can resist the Wall-man, but…”

The redhead trailed off, letting his free hand rest against the wall on the smaller boy’s other side before leaning forward and tapping Robin’s forehead with his own. The chuckle that left his throat wasn’t at all innocent as Robin leaned into the grimy wall at his back in hopes of increasing the space between them.

“W-wally…” The words that came out of the younger boy’s mouth were no where near as unsettled as his best friend was certain he was, but he supposed that was to be expected when you were attempting to upend The Batman’s protege.

“Your subconscious has quite the…imagination on it.” Wally finished, whispering the words into his companions ear and being certain not to miss the subtle stiffening in the younger boy’s shoulders.

The tunnel they were in seemed to have gone up several degrees in the past few moments, but he doubted that was why his partner was slowly beginning to turn pink around the ears and closed the gap between their chests, letting some of his weight rest on the smaller frame.

“Wally,” the other boy started again, voice slightly higher than before, “We’re…we’re in a sewer…”

“That doesn’t sound like a denial.” Wally breathed onto his skin, watching as the ghostly shade of eyes behind white lenses darted down and to the left, “Thought so…”

“Robin, Kid Flash. You are needed on the surface.” Kaldur’s voice crackled into the silence of the underground through communicator static and, like his namesake, Wally’s hand was at Robin’s ear and pressing down on the hidden button that enabled return communication.

“Got it,” he piped in his normal, cheerful tones, before pulling his finger from the button and hearing the line go flat again.

With a quick shift, warm lips met cool ones as he pressed himself into the other boy, sliding a thigh between the other boys legs and drawing a gasp from from him for the second time in an instant when he met with something a bit more firm. Grinning to himself, he let his tongue travel across the smaller boy’s lips as slowly as a speedster could hope for on such spur-of-the-moment timing before pulling back and drawing a rush of air from the other boy’s lungs with him.

“Sorry pretty bird,” he muttered, “see you topside,” and in a rush of air he was gone.

Bringing one hand up to his face, Robin lightly placed the tips of two fingers against his mouth and frowned only to smile slightly then settle into a neutral expression until he had some idea what he actually felt. Stepping forward, he grimaced slightly at the sound of his cape pulling away from the muck he had been pressed into and wiped absentmindedly at one shoulder when his communicator crackled again albeit with a far less inviting voice to greet him.

“Robin…We need to talk.” the dark man’s voice cut short in his ear as the signal fell away and, with a groan, the small boy let himself sink back into the sludge behind him.


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