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Title: The Night Remembers
Author: Tyrror
Pairing: Tim Drake/Conner Kent (Robin III/Superboy)
Rating: PG
Summary: Timothy Drake-Wayne remembers. He doesn't let it out, doesn't let it show in his face or his eyes or the way he moves...but he remembers. He hides the memories deep in his mind, in places that even he doesn't see through the course of the day, but he can't hide himself away in his dreams.

Superhearing may have had it’s number of downsides, not the least of which was being deafened by normal, every day noises, but it was at moments like this that Kon was exceptionally glad it was one of the things he had in his back pocket. The door to his room creaked slightly as it was closed by someone who was most definitely NOT him and the superboy did his best to look like he was still asleep, back to the offending entryway. Near silent footsteps made their way forward.




On the third step they stopped and there was a soft sigh followed by a deep breath before a familiar voice whispered out of the dark.


Tim’s voice was barely audible, but they both knew that would be all he needed. The larger boy’s shoulders relaxed considerably as the prospect of late night, close-quarter combat faded and he rolled over to face his best friend.

“What’s up, Robs?”

The other boy took another step forward and stopped again, his arms crossed in front of him in a manner that was far less ‘glorious leader’ and far more frightened teenager than was customary for him. He was wearing an oversized t-shirt with a college logo Kon couldn’t quite make out that came down to his knees and left the super wondering momentarily if he had anything on down below but that thought quickly became irrelevant to him when the other boy started talking again.


Tim’s voice faltered in the smallest of ways, a bare crackle somewhere deep in his throat before he snapped his lips shut and gave Kon what the meta was certain was the most painfully awkward smile he had seen since he had burst forth from a tank.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to hide behind that sad excuse for a smile, but it’s about as ineffective as a wall of butter against my x-ray vision.”

Tim chuckled a short, dry laugh at that thought and Kon’s lips twitched in response before he forced himself to sit up. Tilting his head forward, the clone lifted a single brow and held up one hand in a questioning gesture which brought forth another sigh from the smaller boy before he let his own head drop and glanced up at the seated boy through a fringe of bangs.

“I was wondering,” he forced out, pausing as if working over the next words in his head, “if I could sit in here for awhile…”

He gestured at Kon’s desk and the chair in front of it, letting his eyes drop back to the area around his bare feet and wiggled his toes nervously. It was a moment before recognition set in on Tim’s face that he was slowly moving forward, his head snapping up and Kon grinned stupidly before the startled teen stumbled as Kon’s TK slowly drug him across the bare floor towards the bed.

With a thump, his shins struck the mattress a hair too fast and Robin tumbled forward, bracing himself on his hands next to where Kon sat snickering and glared at the other boy.

“Kon!” He whispered harshly, twisting to sit in a more proper position on the edge of the bed.

“What?” the other teen said innocently, “I just wanted to know what’s got you all riled up and that seemed easier without half the room between us.”

Kon’s smile fell slightly as he spoke, some of the humor being replaced with obvious worry in the way that he knew he’d never be able to hide even if he tried. Not from Robs at least. Tim shifted a bit, uncomfortably, attempting for several moments to fold his legs beneath him before squirming again and placing them back on the cool floor. His eyes met Kon’s before falling to his worried smile and he sighed again.

“I’ve been having nightmares.”

The words were out of his mouth before he could think too much and convince himself, yet again, that this wasn’t something he should bother anyone with and he should just go back to bed. Kon’s hand was an unexpected, warm comfort against his arm and he smiled down at where it rested just within his peripheral vision.

“About what?” He couldn’t stop himself from snorting at the question.

“Oh I don’t know,” he started with only mild sarcasm, “It’s not like I’m the partner of the darkest man on the face of the earth or I live in a city full of crazy people or I…or I watched my parents die.”

Kon’s hand tightened slightly on his arm before consciously relaxing and he risked a glance at the other boy who was still smiling at him in that sad way, though that may have only been because his face seemed to have been frozen in a single point due to shock.

“I’m not sure I can really handle talking about it right now.” He finished in a nearly inaudible whisper.

The hand that gripped him pulled him towards the other boy, falling sideways until he was sprawled across Kon’s bare chest with a look of perplexed uncertainty plastered on his face. The clone’s face was back to its normal, toothy grin as he shifted the two around and the blanket lifted itself away with invisible hands before settling back down over the pair. His head was using Kon’s bicep as a pillow and there was a strong, solid arm resting gently around his lower back, pressing him slightly into the larger boy’s front.

“S’ok,” he felt in the vibrations from Kon’s chest just as much as he heard it, “You can just stay here until you can, Robs.”

Taking a slightly ragged breath, Tim grinned slightly when he let it out and the larger boy shivered at the sensation of it rushing across his bare skin. His arm tightened around Tim’s waist and the smaller boy brought his own up to wrap around the furnace of a chest he was being pressed into, soaking in the alien warmth.

“Thanks, Kon,” He whispered into the skin beneath his lips, “and…it’s Tim…”


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