02:58 pm

Archive of Fiction

03:08 pm

Once Upon a Gunshot: A Batman Fanfic

03:19 pm

Impulse Control: A Batman Fanfic

03:21 pm

Fruit Apocalypse: A Batman Fanfic

03:29 pmNSFW

Seeing Red: A Batman Fanfic

03:45 pm18

In the Heat of the Night: A Batman Fanfic

04:02 pm

The Night Remembers: A Teen Titans Fanfic

04:12 pm

Just Wondering: A Teen Titans Fanfic

04:16 pm

Just Saying - A Teen Titans Fanfic

04:22 pm

Apologies, My Love - A Batman Fanfic

04:29 pm

Yours - A Young Justice Fanfic

04:33 pm

Between a Redhead and Things Best Left Unmentioned... - A Young Justice Fanfic

04:38 pm

Do a Barrel Roll - A Batman Fanfic

04:42 pm

The Strength to Move Forward - A Young Justice Fanfic

04:50 pm

Port in a Storm - A Young Justice Fanfic

04:52 pm

Now That You're Not Mine - A Batman Fanfic

04:55 pm

Bro Hugs - A Young Justice Fanfic

05:00 pm

Strawberries and Cream - A Young Justice Fanfic

05:03 pm

Ask Young Justice - A Young Justice Fanfic

05:08 pm18

Saving Time - A Young Justice Fanfic

05:11 pm

Tears and Truth - A Young Justice Fanfic

05:17 pm

Unanswered Questions - A Batman Fanfic

05:21 pmNSFW

Burns so Good - A Young Justice Fanfic

05:27 pm18

Burns so Good - Chapter 2 - Kid Gloves - A Young Justice Fanfic

05:32 pmNSFW

When Demons Fear and Angels Fall - A Batman Fanfic

05:35 pm

My Tattered Princess - A Batman Fanfic

05:37 pm

When You're Sober - A Batman Fanfic

05:40 pm

Love Blooms at Midnight - A Batman Fanfic

05:58 pmNSFW

Gomen - An Ouran High School Host Club Fanfic

06:04 pm18

Addicted - 1st Movement: Heaven or Hell - An Ouran High School Host Club Fanfic

06:11 pm18

Addicted - 2nd Movement: Outsider - An Ouran High School Host Club Fanfic

06:17 pmNSFW

Addicted - Interlude: The Dark Tower - An Ouran High School Host Club Fanfic

06:55 pm18

A Fine, Fine Line - A Harry Potter Fanfic

06:59 pm

A Promise - A Harry Potter Fanfic

07:02 pmNSFW

Child of Mine: Final Moments of a Mother - A Harry Potter Fanfic

07:08 pm

Good Help is Hard to Find - A Batman Fanfic

07:12 pm

It Was Green - An Original Piece

07:18 pm

Little Buddy - A Batman Fanfic

07:20 pm

Wronghanded - A Batman Fanfic

07:33 pm

Change Your Mind - Chapter 1 - Disaster and a Bottle of Wine - A Harry Potter Fanfic

07:38 pm

Change Your Mind - Chapter 1 - Afraid to Try True Love - A Harry Potter Fanfic

07:39 pm

Change Your Mind - Chapter 3 - Forever - A Harry Potter Fanfic

08:01 pmNSFW

Not So Temporary: A Batman Fanfic

08:57 pm18

Less Talk: A Batman Fanfic

11:16 pm18

Following Orders: A Batman Fanfic

11:44 pm

Dial 'K' for K-9

02:38 pm

To Find You (A Reminder): A Batman Fanfic


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