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Title: Dial ‘K’ for K-9

Author: Tyrror
Pairing: Timothy Drake/Jason Todd (Red Robin/Red Hood)
Rating: PG
Summary: Tim seems to relish in confusing Jason with his obtuse plans and strange manner of explaining things. This is no exception.

The…creature…yapped at him. Again.

No, Jason decided quickly, it was not worthy of being declared a creature. It was a thing. A thing that only vaguely resembled what it was supposed to be and which frequently made annoying sounds for reasons that bypassed any of his ability to reason.

He eyed the other man warily and with nothing less than mild annoyance.

“What exactly is…that supposed to be?” His arm outstretched to its full length allowed his pointed finger to brush the creature just hard enough to knock it over. It yapped again.

Tiny robotic legs flailed uselessly in the air at its new predicament and Jason almost smiled at its helplessness until he realized that it didn’t seem to be perturbed in the least and his frown actually managed to deepen.

“A dog,” Tim responded, unphased.

“It’s made of metal.” Jason retorted, eyes never leaving the mechanical beast as Tim returned it to proper alignment and it’s short legs stopped moving about quite so frantically.

“It’s a robotic dog,” Tim corrected, remaining crouched next to the creature as Jason stood suddenly, a quick huff leaving his lips.

The older man stood, watching as Tim and his new friend grinned stupidly at one another in the hopes that something about this afternoon might begin to make sense. As usual when Tim pulled such stunts, it did not. Not even when he tilted his head slightly to the left and squinted his eyes. Nope. Nada. Nothing.

“As stupid as this may sound,” he started, his voice filled with sarcasm, “whydo we need a robotic dog?”

The look on Tim’s face was part amusement, part annoyance, and part something Jason couldn’t quite put his finger on when the younger man rose to his feet. Wiping the dust from his hands, he crossed the few feet that remained between them and smiled directly into Jason’s face before reaching into his pocket and retrieving a small, silver remote that the older man had never seen before. Turning the dial several notches to the right, the beast on the floor stilled for a moment before its eyes flashed a deep green and it let forth another yap, taking off to explore the apartment.

“I was hoping it might teach you enough responsibility to get a real one some day soon.” Tim pocketed the remote as the sound of metal striking on of the kitchen walls reverberated through the walls.

Jason rubbed his temple with one hand.

“And why might I ask, do we need a real dog?” His head was beginning to hurt.

“Because,” Tim said softly, the smile never leaving his lips as he wrapped his arms around the taller man’s neck, “I’ve been told they’re a good first step before kids.”

Jason’s face blanked as he tried to take in the information.

“But…” he started. He didn’t get very far as a pair of soft lips pressed against his own and he let himself be lost in the moment because he was rather certain that he was going to be lost for the rest of the night anyway.

Somewhere in the dull haze that was the background, the thing yapped.


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