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Title: Good Help is Hard to Find
Author: Tyrror
Pairing: Dick/Wally
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It is often difficult for superheros to entertain a personal life outside of their crimefighting hobbies. This is further complicated by the need to maintain 'proper' work in order to avoid suspicion. Thus it is that things have the tendency to move without much caution when they are given even short moments of reprieve and it is always helpful to have good help around to prevent any...mishaps...

Alfred hummed just slightly under his breath as he finished polishing the now shining, stainless console that adorned the main wall of the batcave and was preparing to wipe down the glass cases housing the past uniforms of batman and robin alike when a strong gust of wind blew through the otherwise calm underground. With only the slightest of quirks to the corner of his mouth, the older man turned his head just enough to see the bright red boots which were ineffectively hidden behind the previous batmobile.


“Good evening, Master Wallace,” he said in his usual tone of polite disinterest, “might I inquire as to the reason for tonight's visit?”


“I...um...” The other man stuttered from his poorly chosen hiding place.


“I see,” Alfred continued, gathering his cleaning supplies onto the tea tray he had used to carry them down into the cave, “Should I inform master Richard that you are here on business or is this a,” the older man paused, carefully situating an unlabeled bottle amongst the others, “personal matter.”


“Um...personal,” Wally said in a tone that was far more Wallace West than 'The Flash', “Thanks Alf.”


“It is my pleasure, Master Wallace. I assume you know where to wait.” The older man had barely finished speaking before the cavern was once again filled with an unnatural wind and the red boots were gone from behind the batmobile along with the man wearing them.


There was a short time of unadulterated peace in the cave during which Alfred was able to manage most of his cleaning before the familiar roar of engines echoed down from the surface entrance and he gathered his things once again, checking to ensure the tea he had brought down nearly an hour ago was still verging on hot or at least pleasantly warm before the signature bat vehicle pulled into its usual place and the engine died. As the bat pulled himself from the car in a less than elegant maneuver, silently informing the older man just how difficult the night's activities must have been, he silently accepted the younger man's cowl as it was pulled unceremoniously from his head and walked over to hang it on it's usual peg.


“Master Richard,” He began in his normal drawl, “A matter has arisen in the drawing room.”


There was a pointed look shared between the two men before the younger set his face in a determined manner and began walking towards the stairs that lead into the manner.


“Thank you, Alfred, I shall attend to it immediately.” The confused look that crossed his Robin's face was the last thing he saw before the darkness of the stairwell surrounded him.


Upstairs he took a few moments to collect himself, standing silently on the outside of the large, wooden double doors that comprised the entryway to the study that Alfred always had Wally wait in when he was over. The thought began to cross Dick's mind of exactly how long it had been since he had last seen the speedster and he had to force the thought back down, reaching for the doorknob out of instinct and the knowledge that if he kept dwelling on that fact he would stand there for hours and never actually open the damn door. The inside of the room was the same as always, the dark chestnut of the bookshelves and the large desk on the other side of the room. The several overly-ornate couches that smattered the large room remained right where he had remembered them to be, but the blur of red was a new addition as it struck him, knocking the wind from his lungs and plastering his back to the door that he had just walked through.


There were lips on his own, hands on his hips where they held him tight to the solid wood behind him and he heard a strangled moan escape his own mouth when his lungs finally regained the ability to function. It was that last addition that brought the two of them back to reality. Wally's face was so close, seeming to not want to move any farther away from the darker man than he needed to and his red clad fingers rubbed gently at the acrobats thighs. Green eyes stared down at Dick from centimeters away and he sensed, more than saw, the trademark grin of the speedster breed spread across the other man's face.


“I missed you,” Wally said in a voice that was too low and too rich to be anything less than wanting.


“I missed you too,” Dick's hand brushed gently along the taller man's cheek, gripping his mask and pulling the hood back to reveal the full of his face and the bright red hair that hid beneath it.


This time when Wally kissed him it was gentle, full of all the things he wanted to say yet but now that Dick was here, in his arms, less insistent on saying all those things at once. He moved his mouth over the darker man's in a lazy pattern, tasting him in ways that he hadn't been able to in months and realizing exactly how much their lives, their purposes, kept them from one another caused him to push harder, slipping his tongue along the younger man's and nearly groaning when he was given access without so much as a thought. Dick's legs parted somewhat, allowing the red man to mold even more with his own body and this time Wally did moan when he felt the harness encased within the batsuit where his thigh slid between the other man's. The door at his back thumped slightly as Dick jerked from the contact, his arms wrapping behind the speedster's neck to pull him closer, needy in a way that he had all but forgotten in the months they had been apart and then, terrifyingly, the other half of the double door opened without warning.


The movement was surprising enough to catch even the fastest man on the planet off guard, and it did. Emerging from the hallway, Alfred carried a gently clinking tray of tea supplies which appeared to contain a freshly brewed pot and he carefully set them on the nearest flat surface before continuing through the room as if nothing at all were amiss about the situation. Both men stood as they had when he entered, pressed into one another, only their eyes and eventually their faces following him when he stepped beyond the realm of their vision to the farthest corner of the room. They heard the telltale sounds of a record player starting and then the gentle voice of a 1940's crooner that Dick couldn't place his finger on took their place at a volume that he was rather certain the butler did not normally encourage.


Are there stars out tonight, I don't know if it's cloudy or bright

Cuz I only have eyes for you...dear...


Stopping by the still open doors as he made to leave the room, the older man turned his head just far enough to let the boys know he could see them from the corner of his eye.


“I took the liberty of preparing refreshments,” he started calmly, “And thought you might like some background music. It does so tend to help with keeping curious birds from hearing anything that might pique their interest.”


With that, he was gone and it wasn't until Dick turned back to face his lover that he had to contemplate whether or not the other man had managed to reverse his entire suit of if he had, in fact, simply managed to turn that particular shade of red.



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