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Title: Unanswered Questions
Author: Tyrror
Pairings: Damian Wayne/Colin Wilkes
Rating: PG
Summary: Damian Wayne does not ask questions, today is no exception.

Damian did not ask ask questions, at least not very often, and even that is very likely a rather extreme overestimate of the number of times he has done such in the ten years since he first arrived in Gotham City. Asking a question implies that one does not know the answer already and, more often than not, Damian did in fact know the answer. Such it was that, whether decorum would dictate that he ask the question for the sake of civility or not, Damian Wayne did not ask questions.

It was a chill Autumn day in Gotham City, and the simple fact that it was Gotham gave the chill an almost knife-like edge that the dark boy had never experience in any of the other locations his puzzle of a life had thrust him into. The few trees that smattered the street down which he walked did their best to blanket the concrete and asphalt with orange and gold but fell miserably short due to lack of numbers if nothing else. As a car rushed by to his left, a blur of lights and dark colors in the quickly setting sun, the boy on his other side shivered slightly at the breeze which was stirred up in its wake and, as he was becoming accustom to doing in the redhead’s presence, he simply did not ask.

Before the slightly shorter boy could react, Damian had removed his coat and draped it over the slimmer boy’s shoulders. He did not ask because he did not need to. While it may have been the case that, given the choice, the redhead would have argued he was fine and it wasn’t that far to his new apartment; Damian had known Colin for ten years and only a fool would be incapable of differentiating foolish pride from truthful answers after such a length of time. Damian may have been prone to foolish pride, but he was not a fool. Hazel eyes glared sideways at him for a moment before Colin went back to watching the sidewalk pass beneath his feet as his ear turned a shade of pink that only the darker boy would notice was not entirely due to the cold.

While Colin used one of his hands to gently hold the coat in place at his neck, ensuring that it wouldn’t slide off onto the less than cleanly streets of Gotham, Damian gently took hold of the other and nearly smiled when he saw the pink of the other boy’s ears creep closer and closer to red. The dark boy had never been much for publicly declaring his affection for anyone, often going so far as to not even inform the people whom the affection was directed towards, but the other boy’s easily flustered nature entertained him to such a degree that he sometimes put that aside just to watch him flounder. Today, however, was not just another attempt at getting the boy to trip over his own feet in front of countless strangers, partially because they were alone on the chilly autumn street but mostly because Damian had more important things to contemplate than the awkward stares of passers-by.

Pulling his left hand from the warm confines of his pocket, Damian palmed the cool metal warmed only by his own body heat before reaching across himself to where he held his boyfriend’s hand and gently slid the silver band onto the other boy’s ring finger. It took Colin the several seconds Damian needed to replace his hand in his pocket to realize what had just happened and he looked down at the smooth silver that glinted on his finger before turning a confused eye to the other boy.

“Damian,” he started, his voice somewhat breathy and tinged around the edges with excitement that he was only just barely concealing.

“Shut up, Colin,” Damian responded coldly, as if he made it a habit of handing out wedding bands to every boy he met.

“But…” the other boy began again, no longer able to hide the excitement or the worried question waiting behind it for the proper moment to strike.

The redhead was cut short, however, by a sudden pull on his arm from where Damian still held his hand and he found his face buried in the slightly taller boy’s shoulder as an arm snaked it’s way around his shoulder. Silently, he looked at the sliver of metal on his hand and dug his face into his fiancee’s shoulder, doing his very best not to cry. He lasted twelve steps.


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