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Title: Tears and Truth
Author: Tyrror
Pairings: Dick/Wally (Robin/KF)
Rating: PG
Summary: Everybody lies. Best friends, lovers, comrades. Everybody lies. Today, however, they watched each other nearly swallowed by a beast from which their is no return and for the members of Young Justice, there is no room left for anything less than truth.

“I’m so sorry…”

He may have been the fastest boy alive, but he hadn’t even noticed when she entered the room, none-the-less when she spoke. That didn’t matter much, however, once her words finally registered and, if only momentarily, his mind stopped running with a thousand thoughts to focus on just that one. He supposed it was understandable that he didn’t hear her come in, most of them had nearly died earlier today and it was all any of them could do to focus on placing one foot in front of the other, but to have Artemis apologize was still a rarity; even more so considering he didn’t know what she was apologizing for.

“I…” he started to respond before realizing that he didn’t really know what was happening, even less what he should be doing about it. Slowly, he drew his mouth closed and just looked at the blonde in his doorway; one arm wrapped around her own chest, hand clutching the opposite bicep and her eyes looking at a rather nondescript section of the floor several feet to his left. Tension began to write itself in the air between them, neither certain what the next move should be, but as was his place, a speedster is rarely one to stand still and Wally found his mouth moving before his mind had time to keep pace.

“What…?” This time it was the blonde who cut him off rather than his own thoughts.

“I’m so, so sorry…”

Her voice hitched and he looked up from where he had been examining her hand as it nearly cut off the circulation to her other arm to find her biting her lower lip, head tossing slowly from side to side as if trying to cast off a thought that was fighting for control. Her shoulders shook once, then again, and he had crossed the gap between them in an instant, his warm hands on her shoulders causing her to look up with large, startled eyes that were filled with anger and sorrow and fear.

“Why?” he asked simply, his voice falling naturally to the overprotective gentleness he had learned from his uncle.

“He almost died.” The last word ended with a choke and he resisted the urge to pull her close when her body shook again behind the restraints of her stubborn will. “He almost died and you had to watch…”

She was no longer looking at him, her head hung low and her bangs in her face as her body now trembled continuously; he didn’t need to see her, though, because he could have been blind and it would still have been impossible to miss the tears in her strained voice.

“We all came pretty close to that today, Arty.” He tried to make his voice as full of sarcasm and smarm as normal, and despite the way he could feel his heart beating against his chest in a manner that he was all too certain it shouldn’t be, his ears told him that he came pretty darn close. It didn’t seem to matter to the blonde that he was all but holding up now, his hands pressing into her bare shoulders while she fought to keep her voice calm.

“You stood up for me,” the words tumbling from her mouth as she shook her head again to keep her emotions at bay, “You stood up for me and I repay you by running away while you watched the boy you L…”

It was like something inside of her physically broke, he watched the walls of stone she had built around herself crumble under the weight of her own words and reacted without thought, without hesitation, in the way that he would for anyone that he considered a friend. He pulled her close and held her up with surprisingly strong arms while her tears soaked the his hair where it hung down over his neck and her sobs threatened to shake them both to the ground. For a time he held her like she was the only thing of any importance on the planet, and for at least those few minutes, she was to him. But all things come to an end and this was no exception. Looking up from where he had, at some moment he only vaguely remembered, buried his face in her hair, he found himself face to face with white lenses and a domino mask.

The Boy Wonder stood across the hall from his open door, wet tracks making their way down his face from beneath the mask’s lower edge; his lower lip trembling in a manner that the redhead honestly thought he would never see in all his living days. The silence between them seemed to speak volumes as he felt a familiar tightness well up in his chest and the sudden reality of the day fell on him like words from heaven.

They had almost died.

They had almost died and he had never told Robin anything…

He felt the first hot tear streak down his cheek, bright green eyes shimmering in the light of the room, and his mouth worked wordlessly for a few moments before he finally managed to silently spell out the words to the other boy. Just three words, without noise, because his lungs refused to work and he was certain that his heart had stopped beating sometime around the moment that he first spotted the other boy standing there.

Across the hall there was a barely audible choking sound and Robin’s gauntlet flew towards his mouth in a failed attempt to drown it out. Inch my inch, the younger boy slid down the wall until he found the floor beneath him, his eyes still locked onto the green one’s that followed him to the floor and finally he nodded, just once, before his head fell to where he had pulled up his knees and, silent like the night, he wept.

Wally’s face pressed back into the blonde hair of the girl he was holding and he simply let himself cry. There was no use now being strong, no use pretending that everything was okay and they could just move on without first dealing. They needed this, and who was he to say anything against it.

They had almost died.

There would be no more secrets.


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