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Title: Ask Young Justice
Author: Tyrror
Pairing: Dick/Wally
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The members of Young Justice think it would be fun to place mailboxes outside the hall of justice so their fans can leave them messages and questions without fear of being embarrassed. They were not prepared for what may come from this.

The tinge of pink that was beginning to creep its way from the back of Wally’s neck towards his ears was enough to let him know that he wasn’t the only one in the room feeling terribly uncomfortable, but even though he had figured at least some of the results of this experiment would be a little less than kosher he hadn’t figured that it would start on question number three. When the Young Justice members decided to put a letter box out front the Hall of Justice for people to leave them anonymous questions in he knew it would only be a matter of time until one of them got something relatively embarrassing but it seemed from the way Wally was quickly working his way closer and closer to ‘steamed lobster red’ that they had both been delivered less than desirable outcomes early in the game.

“I can promise whatever yours says, mine is worse.”

Robin tried to make his voice sound nonchalant from his position on the foot of Wally’s bed, the letters addressed to either of them scattered across the bedspread beneath them, but even to his own ears it sounded wrong. He caught the blur of movement that indicated the redhead had glanced a look over his shoulder to see what the smaller boy was doing before turning slightly more red.

“I’m not so sure about that, dude.”

“Just tell me KF.”

There was an awkward silence in the room for several seconds, several very long seconds which must have felt longer still to someone whose metabolisim ran equal to that of several disel trucks, before Wally sighed a deep breath and slouched his shoulders in defeat.

“Have you ever questioned you sexuality and, if so, with who in mind?” Wally read flatly from the paper in his hands.

“Ouch,” Robin said lightly, trying to cover up the giggle that was trying to force its way out of his throat.

“And what about you?” The redhead said, still not risking looking over to where the smaller boy sat behind him.

“I…umm…” for what may have been the first time since the two junior superheros met those several long years ago, Robin seemed to flounder for words and he hoped that KF wouldn’t turn around anytime soon because he was judging from the burning on his face that the two boys were now competing for the ‘most likely to resemble certain fruits’ category.

“So very eloquent that question was, Robs,” Wally tossed over his shoulder, only flinching slightly when several unopened letters struck him lightly on the back of the head.

“How does it make you feel knowing that a large number of people enjoy thinking about you, a thirteen year old boy, in sexually inappropriate ways?”

The silence stretched on again, much longer this time than the last, before that little piece of Wally’s mind that couldn’t stand a lack of action for very long forced him to say something…anything…

“Woah,” was the best he could come up with.

“Yeah,” Robin added, “kinda covers my thoughts on the matter.”

Wally shifted slightly, purposefully knocking most of the questions to the floor in the process while he turned to face his best friend and in the process stretch out his, by now, very stiff legs. They both sat with their eyes cast just to the side of each other, watching but not really and hoping for the other boy to say something to break the awkward tension in the room. Unusually, it was Robin who caved first.

“Hey Walls…” he paused for a second and fiddled with the hem of his sweatshirt while he watched one more of the unopened envelopes slip off the side of the bed and onto the floor with a barely noticable sound.

“Yeah Rob?” the redhead replied with a voice that was only slightly strained.

“Could I…umm…you know…” he trailed off again for a second, making a vague motion with his free hand towards the mattress between them before finally working up the nerve to push out the rest of the words in a rush, “stay here for the night?”

“Heh, the creepy questions getting to you?” the redhead tried to joke but his normal jovial nature was lacking and the jab fell flat. “Me too…” he finished awkwardly.

With a blur of motion the older boy was across the room and it wasn’t until the oversized shirt hit Robin in the face that he figured out what was going on. Pulling the bunched material out of his visual field, he looked up at the stupid grin on his best friend’s face and was forced to return it despite how he knew they were both feeling at that particular moment.

“I just have this terrifying thought that there’s some creepy forty year old waiting outside my room right now.” Robin said as he began to unzip his sweatshirt.

“I know,” Wally continued as he rushed around the room gathering his own sleeping clothes and genuinely laughing for a second at the thought. “I keep thinking that there’s one outside my door with just a camera and a smile.”

Both of them cringed at that thought as KF bolted into his attached bath to brush his teeth and Robin took the few seconds of alone time to slip out of his shirt and jeans and into the older boy’s too big shirt. It smelled like Wally, and that made the younger boy feel several shades safer than he had just moments before for reasons that he couldn’t quite explain, but he let himself slip into the comfort anyway; bunching the front of the shirt up in front of his face to take a deep breath and smiling at the familiar smell of his best friend.

Without warning, the world shifted beneath him and he contemplated whether or not gravity had just been turned off when KF deposited him back into the bed, the covers having been pulled out of the way while he was in the redheads arms leaving him lying on the newly exposed sheets with a shirtless speedster smiling down at him wearing nothing but a pair of pajama pants plastered with the Flash insignia. In another instant, the redhead was in the bed beside him, gently pulling the oversized comforter up to their chins and reaching over to turn out the light. Robin pulled himself a little closer to the other boy and, when he saw no sign from the redhead that the close proximity was unwanted, wrapped one of his slender arms around the older boy’s chest and curled into his side. Something about Wally always made Robin feel safe, and he never really understood why that was but tonight was one of those nights where he wasn’t going to question that too much because he needed the comfort and, as far as he could tell, so did the speedster.

One long, pajama covered leg weaseled its way in between Robin’s bare calves, forcing the younger boy to twine their legs together and furthering his efforts to curl into the bare side in front of him. He felt a pair of overly warm hands wrap around the arm that was draped across his friend’s chest and smiled slightly into the skin that his face was pressed into.

“Wally?” Robin started.

“Mmm?” was the sleepy reply he got from the speedster.



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