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Title: Now That You’re Not Mine
Author: Tyrror
Pairing: Dick/Jason (Nightwing/Red Hood)
Rating: PG
Summary: Jason takes just a little more time to wonder if Dick really would be better off without Jason to bring him down.

Looking down at where the other man was sleeping so peacefully in his bed, Jason almost couldn’t bring himself to do what he was planning. The way Dick’s hair fell into his face as he sighed and twitched, groping for the warm body that wasn’t next to him any longer bringing a rare, truly caring smile onto his face. Removing the small box almost gently from the pocket of his discarded leather jacket, the redhead placed it on the bedside table where it was certain to not be missed and almost, almost thought of simply doing away with the entire plan before steeling himself back up again.

Sure, it was a jerk thing to do. Even more so if he were to stop and consider that this was very high on the list of “ways not to go about doing such a thing” but he’d be stupid and an ass if he ever suggested that he could accomplish this in any other way. Tracing his hands along the plain, brown paper that wrapped the small box, he twirled his finger along where he knew the outline of Dick’s name to be written in his mannishly awful scrawl before getting back to the business at hand.

His jacket was on and he was halfway across the room when he heard the bed shift and the other man grunted his name in that half awake place that nightmares come from but no one ever remembers and the redhead stopped suddenly, praying under his breath. With a small groan and a gentle sigh, he heard the older man slip back into the grasps of sleep, still reaching for the non-existent warmth on the other side of the bed that he would never find.

“I’m…” the breath left him in a rush when he suddenly realized that he couldn’t even bring himself to apologize to someone who would never remember the words, “Oh fuck, you know…”

Starting forward again, he unlatched the window as quietly as he knew how and placed a single booted foot on the sill, taking one last look over his shoulder at the room he was leaving behind…again. The frown that was etched into his face deepened, the line on his forehead becoming more pronounced until finally, with all the effort he could muster, “Goodbye…”

And then he was gone.


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