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Title: Port in a Storm
Author: Tyrror
Pairing: Dick Grayson/Wally West (Robin/Kid Flash)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Robin screwed up…royally. Now he’s just waiting for the moment when his life flashes before his eyes and everything turns to black. KF, however, has to give him one last thing to feel guilty over.

The room was filling quickly with black smoke the likes or which would inform any normal human being that some thing very, very bad had already happened. For Robin, the boy wonder, it served as a warning of what things may be yet to come. The feeling of the heavy beam that pinned his thin legs to the floor was still light enough to not be painful, but the sheer force of the large object was enough to prevent even the smallest thought of escape from entering his mind. Shifting about on his chest where he was pressed to the warm wood beneath him, he did his best to make himself comfortable for however long he would have left and let out a sigh the likes of which no fourteen year old boy should ever be capable of producing.

The first indication he had that one of his worst fears was coming true came in the form of a strong gust of wind which burst through the room against all logic and with no visible source. At least, with no source that was visible until it stopped. Barely one foot to the left of where his cheek lay pressed to the floor beneath him, through the black of the smoke that made even such a short distance nearly impossible to see across, there was the barest outline of a pair of red boots which had not been there milliseconds before. The sound of desperate coughing met his ears and confirmed the terrifying that was running through his mind before a bright yellow body suit hit the ground next to him in an attempt to get beneath the choking atmosphere in the room, bright green eyes grinning at him as only Wally’s could in a moment such as this.

“KF!,” the younger boy grunted out, not realizing how difficult it had been for him to breath until he tried speaking, “What the hell are you doing here?”

“It would appear I’m saving your ass,” he responded glibly, flashing a wide grin before vanishing into the smoke again, the sounds of grunting hear somewhere near the beam that the boy wonder was pinned beneath.

“You can’t move that,” Robin dissolved mid-sentence into a series of coughs before partially regaining control of his lungs, “I’m not sure SB could move it.”

His voice broke before he could keep talking and he let his head drop back to the floor, thoughts of the fire raging through the building and his best friend caught in its midst because of his overconfidence filling his mind until he couldn’t take it anymore. One by one, tears streaked out from the lower edge of his mask, the creaking of his gauntlets just barely audible over the distant roar of flames as he closed his fists in a mix of anger and shame.

“Damn it Wally!” The scream echoed off the crumbling rafters above and in an instant his vision was filled with red hair where the speedster lay next to him waiting for the sentence to end.

It took him several tries and at least one deep breath before he managed to finish.

“You can’t save me. I can’t save me. We can’t save me together. But you can save yourself so…go.” He turned his face away from the sad green eyes where they bored into his mask, twisting to lay his head the other way against the floor, “I don’t need to take you down with me.”

His vision was filled with freckles and pale skin again, bright eyes shining with their irritatingly, ever present optimism sparkling in the flickering light from the flames before he even registered the speedsters movement. Once again he was subjected to that grin, the one that told him KF was about to do something that the redhead knew Robin would hate him for but he was going to do it anyway.

“I will go down with this ship.”

The older boy whispered it in a voice that Dick wasn’t expecting, but before he had a chance to think what it might mean, he felt the warm lips of his best friend press gently against his own. The heat from the burning building was stifling, but the familiar warmth radiating from the taller boy was like a thick blanket against the cold of his current thought process. Then, as he let himself sink into the moment that was just the two of them, that warmth was gone and the air was filled once again with the sounds of Kid Flash straining against the offending material pinning his best friend to the floor.

“Damn,” Robin whispered to himself, suddenly realizing what just happened and punching the floor hard enough to leave spiderweb cracks in the wood. Another tear streaked down his face, this one even worse in his mind than those he had shed but moments ago and he fought to hold back the choking noise that was building up in the back of his throat.



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