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Title: Just Wondering
Author: Tyrror
Verse: Questions!Verse
Pairing: Tim Drake/Kon-el (Robin/Superboy)
Rating: PG
Summary: The Titans have been inundated with a sudden influx of rather disturbing fan-mail. Tim is less than pleased.

“I can’t even begin to fathom…” Tim’s voice trails off for what Kon believes is the third time within the same sentence, but the piece of paper in his hands is holding far too much of his attention for him to be contemplating such trivial things as how often Tim is restarting the same phrase.

“I mean really,” the smaller boy starts again, “who thinks like this?”

Tim is waving yet another piece of paper vaguely in the air to emphasize his point. The fact that they are both holding papers shouldn’t be as bothersome to Kon as it is, in fact if he were to actually stop and contemplate the inane nature of that statement he would likely chuckle; but knowing that Tim wouldn’t be waving it around like that unless it was drastically similar to the one he was already holding and…well…

The tips of his ears turn red.

He can feel it but can’t do anything to stop it and hopes to all things holy that Tim is too caught up in his ranting to pay attention to what may be the first incidence ever of Superboy having absolutely nothing to say.

“And when you consider the general age range of the majority of our…fans…” the word is said with a strange emphasis that Kon has never heard Tim use in relation to someone who wasn’t trying to blow them up or set them on fire or in some other manner ensure their imminent demise. “I’m pretty sure at least some of this is illegal!”

No one knew how the entire thing had started. One day, without reason, they had mail…and lots of it. It started almost too slowly to notice but, by the time they had noticed the trend, it was too late to stop the incoming flood of questions and far to late to stop the awkward silences that would overtake the tower when they started reading them.

Tim had taken to keeping his ‘fan-mail’ as they’d come to refer to it in the dark recesses of his room, a sanctuary that even Kon was rarely allowed into, even less considering the…circumstances. But, he supposed, even Tim wasn’t exempt from the need to vent albeit much less frequently that other individuals such as, well, himself, and thus it was that he was here. In Tim’s room. Reading question after question asking…well…asking…

Tim thrust another sheet of paper into his face, the words blurring out of focus due to the short distance before he rolled back on his heels to take in their meaning.

‘Are you and Superboy and exclusive thing, or is this like a buy one get one free special with Kid Flash?’

The words flashed through his mind briefly before the meaning sunk in and Kon made a noise that was somewhere between a choke and a chuckle. He didn’t even know it was possible to make that noise.

“Who!” Tim repeated, slightly louder than the last time, “Who thinks this?!”

Kon reacted the way Kon always reacted when Tim was slowly losing his mind. A large hand landed with a heavy thump on the smaller boys shoulder, stretched nearly from the top of his arm to the crook where his neck met his shoulder, rubbing small circles through the small hairs at the base of Tim’s skull.

With a heavy sigh, the shorter boy tilted his head away from the hand slowly teasing goosebumps into his skin before turning with a suddenness that was so stereotypically ‘Bat’ as to be textbook and plunged his face into Kon’s broad chest.


Kon’s rather certain there wasn’t actually a word buried in that noise, but it is so essentially, unequivocally Tim despite it’s lack of proper meaning that he can’t help but chuckle properly this time, his other hand lifting to join it’s partner on the shorter boy’s other shoulder; both working to resolve the tension that Tim seems to perpetually harbor between his shoulderblades.

“Nobody said you had to answer them.” Kon finally responds after several extremely long seconds, his hands slowly working their ways down his back, kneading the entire ways.

“Hrrmph…” the noise is half annoyance, half defeat, and half moan in Kon’s mind. He knows that doesn’t make sense but he doesn’t care as Tim makes another small appreciative noise against his chest when he finds a particularly tender spot.

“We could always burn them?” He supplies, his voice a mix of sarcasm and question that has just the effect he was hoping for when he hears the other boy chuckle in his arm before gasping and jumping slightly when he presses in just that much harder. Dropping his face down, he lets his nose rest in the fly-away mess that is Tim’s hair when he’s been tugging at it in frustration and breaths in the smell of his best friend, his ears starting to pink up again when he realizes exactly what he’s doing…but that doesn’t stop him. Not this time, anyway.


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