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Title: Once Upon a Gunshot
Author: Tyrror
Rating: PG
Pairing: Dick/Jay
Summary: The aftermath of a close call leaves Jason annoyed and Dick a little more than overprotective.


The older man’s response was no more than a vague hum and the ever insistent pressing of his face into Jason’s back. He had no idea how this had started. Even more uncertain in his mind was how he was going to end it, but the butterfly kisses along the base of his neck were rather distracting and he wasn’t even certain at this moment if they were real.

He tried to recall, it seemed like it was only minutes ago; could it have really been only minutes? Whatever the case, it seemed like it was only minutes since Dick had taken up residence behind him. There was the vague memory of video games and cursing. Something about cars on the television screen and an explosion and then Jason’s mind was filled with his older brother’s arms and the way that he smell and…god damn it if he wasn’t getting distracted again.

Dick’s arms were wrapped around his chest, his face pressed into the back of Jason’s neck and the subtle rise and fall of his chest the only indicator that he was even still alive and not just clutching the younger man out of rigor mortis. Jason shifted slightly again, thinking that maybe Dick had fallen asleep and he could escape this time, but the whimper behind his ear and the slight tightening of the older man’s hold told him otherwise.

“Dick,” he tried again, a light shift in his sibling’s grip the only response he got, “You have to let me go eventually.”

“No,” Dick muttered into his skin, “Mine.”

His world stopped for a brief second at the comment and he lifted an eyebrow despite knowing the other man couldn’t see him. The arms around his chest flexed slightly and Dick threw a leg over his own, tangling them together in a manner that would have made a ball of yarn jealous.

“Why are you doing this?” He tried after several long moments of silence.

The breath that Dick drew in, long and labored, led the younger man to believe he might actually get an answer this time when Dick’s hand shifted slightly and brushed across the bandage on his chest where it lay hidden beneath his shirt. The bullet wound had never worried him, it was a flesh wound at best, but it still stung like a bitch and the simple touch caused him to hiss in pain as Dick settled against him once more. There was a small whimper from the older man’s throat at the sound and the scenario suddenly made sense in a manner that he simply couldn’t contemplate before that point.

“Sorry,” he muttered, his hand shifting to rest over where Dick’s still held him uncomfortably tight. “I’ll try not to scare you next time.”

He noticed for the first time in the entire conversation the way that Dick’s hands subtly trembled and how that got so much worse when he actually acknowledged his wounds. The arms around him were like a trembling cage after mere moments and he smiled sadly at the floor before he spoke again.

“As nice as this is and all, Dickie bird, I’m about half an inch from tumbling off this couch. Any possibility we can move this to somewhere a little more stable?”

The words had barely left his mouth before he found himself being carried bridal style by the older man. The change in position was so sudden that even his ego didn’t have a chance to respond and it was only several minutes later that he realized their ultimate destination as being the older man’s room. Letting his face hide in the crook of Dick’s neck, he resigned himself to this one indignity, well aware that escaping the wrath of an over-protective dick (take that as you will) was nigh upon impossible and he fought back the inner chuckle that came with the indignity of being carried.

It wasn’t until he felt the bed beneath him, the blankets pulled up to his neck and Dick’s arms warm and heavy around him that he realized just how nice it was to be cared for like this. Just how nice the thought was for this to be more than just a ‘once upon a near-death experience’ type of thing. His mind tried to race with the thoughts of this being something more like normal, something more like life, but his eyelid were heavy and the ache in his side where the bullet hole sat was starting to numb from impending sleep. Dick’s chest was warm against his back, his breathing shallow and even like a lullaby and, before Jay could even realize what was happening, his eyes were drifting closed.


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