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Title: Exhaustion Will Follow
Author: Tyrror
Pairing: Tim Drake/Conner Kent/Bart Allen, Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman + Tommy Shepherd
Rating: PG

Summary: Yet another mysterious force of the mutltiverse has ripped a hole between two dimensions, between two worlds that are so similar and yet so different. Here we find three lost teenagers, superheros in their world but alone in this one, taken in by the only people who might possibly understand their fear and uncertainty...heros of their own.

It is not uncommon for days to be long and hours to be, oddly enough, too few; but there are some days where words cannot tell what only bodies might know.

Hands flit to form sentiments, hearts and exhaustion slip forward from behind dark veils to make themselves known through skin and sighs and signs that most men miss and others fear.

Any average day for the Teen Titans was, by very definition, not an average day. Often tired, frequently covered in things they would rather not think about; returning to the tower is generally filled with silence and small noises with no words but plenty of meaning. Today, however, silence is filled with suspicions and confusions that can’t be answered, confusions that may not be answered for some time to come.

Ripped from world to world, thrown through space and maybe time, the three teens sat close together in the back of the jet as it landed.

Stayed close.
Stayed safe.
Messages and whispers in simple touches and trailing hands.

And they were not alone.

As the Kryptonian collapsed on the couch, bone weary and unwilling to be moved, the look in his eye was enough to send a thousand words to his team leader where he stood uncertain in the center of the room.

No one had debriefed.

Hell, they were all still wearing their hero gear but...

Weariness is a strange mistress in the things it might make you consider.

Slowly, without words and barely a ruffle from the long cape where it hung around him, he fell into place next to the larger boy. Straight backed and solitary despite the strange closeness in his position, the picture of a leader, the picture of authority and power...until his fingers curled easily between the set that crept toward them across the slick leather of the couch.

From the corner of his eye, hidden behind the mask, he watched and waited for...something.

What he may have expected, he wasn’t sure, but it certainly wasn’t the sly grin that the brunette gave the blonde; certainly wasn’t seeing them take each other’s hands and fall into place next to him. Certainly wasn’t...a lot of things.

Some of the tension in his shoulders slipped out for reasons he couldn’t quite put his finger on and the hand in his own pulled him closer.

Over his shoulder, he could hear the sounds of Conner shifting, letting himself settle further in the the furniture before the other boy spoke up.

“So,” he mused, his voiced deep with exhaustion and mild amusement, “What did you say your names were again?”

“Mmmm” the brunette responded eloquently, his face now buried in the blonde’s shoulder who responded in his stead.

“I’m Teddy,” he said before his face split in a massive yawn, “...and this...” he managed to get our through the yawn though the words were distorted in the process, “and this is William Kaplan.”

There was the soft sound of flesh hitting flesh and he chuckled as the face pressed into him slipped sideways to be heard.

“Billy, just Billy, Theodore.”

Chuckling rose from the blonde, amusement clear on his face from their little interplay, “And the one sulking in the corner is Tommy.”

“Nope,” the up-until-now silent boy spat, “don’t you even try to count me in as part of...this!”

Vanishing from the spot to reappear on the other side of the room, he pulled down on the lower lid of his eye and stuck out his tongue before vanishing again, the only hint of where he’d gone a gust of wind that rushed toward the door and was gone.

A second rush of wind along with a blur of yellow and red told Tim all he needed to know as the last boy in the room left in the manner of his namesake. Somewhere within the depths of the tower a scuffle could be heard, several loud thumps and what may have been cursing covered up by too fast movements and a rather worrisome crashing sound. He tried to imagine what they must look like in the complex halls and twisting passages of the tower but gave up quickly when he began to realize the amount of damage that could be done as well.

Reaching for the communicator still at his ear, he was surprised to find Kon suddenly pressed into his side as another mass struck the larger boy. Clutched in the clone’s arms was the silver haired speedster, his counterpart standing in the middle of the room looking very pleased with himself before the sudden realization of being tired sunk back into his easily distracted mind and he appeared on the couch as well on the other side of the blonde.

“Can I?” He started in an almost meek voice, eyes looking down at the other boys bicep rather than into the large eyes and grinning face he would have been met with if he had looked up.

Reaching up, Teddy wrapped his free arm around the younger speedster and didn’t seem to react with any surprise at all when he curled into his side easily, eyes closed and long hair falling over a suddenly peaceful face.

It took several moments for Tim to realize he was moving, tilting and sliding with some gentle prodding from Conner towards the other boys. Even after the realization struck, and natural instinct set in to keep himself upright, it is hard to deny a Kryptonian his wishes in such a predicament and within seconds the trio found themselves tilted against the newcomers.

Billy shifted slightly, moving to place his face in the crook of Tim’s neck while Teddy’s found and equally comfortable home in the mess that was Billy’s hair. Below them, it seemed that Bart had decided to use both of their laps as a makeshift bed and, for the first time in a long time, Tim told his logical mind to be quiet as one of his lovers’ faces hovered just in front of him.

A soft press of lips came from Conner who pulled away with a smile and helped Tim settle back into the not-so-awkward mound of flesh and limbs that surrounded him. Only the older speedster made any attempt at moving, squirming slightly for several minutes before finally giving in to the Super’s superior strength and collapsing back into the firm presence that held him.

“God damn it!” He muttered, though the venom in his words was lacking, “I am not a homosexual!”

From somewhere in the realm of Teddy’s lap, Tim heard a muffled reply.

“Can I keep him?”


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