Aug. 27th, 2012

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The following article is a quick synopsis of the current animals that live in my home and the personalities thereof. This is meant to be read prior to reading "TYWE News" or any other story in which the animals play prominent roles.

Dog 1: Gypsy

Collected first, Gypsy is a combination of German Shepard and Australian Cattle Dog as well as likely some other things. She was likely abused to some degree in the past and was adopted at the age of 2. She is extremely shy, very paranoid, and has the tendency to believe that anything/everything is out to get her. She prefers to spend most of her time in her cage where things are at least mildly safe in her oppinion.

Dog 2: Mr. President

Mr. P, as he is commonly known, was found on the highway after nearly being hit by a car. He is extremely affectionate and loves almost everyone however a large number of people are put off by the fact that he is a boxer so he has the flat face and crazy, googley eyes that scare some people. He drools in copious amounts and loves to fetch though he doesn't seem to comprehend the idea of actually picking up the object and bringing it back.

Dog 3: Mistah T, the Chihuahua

Also rescued after nearly being hit by a car, the Chihuahua (who believes his name is Chihuahua and not Mistah T as it says on his paperwork) is at total mommy's boy and spends most of his time hiding near or under her. He has a special bed next to her desk where he sleeps during the day. He likes to think he is larger than he is and can be somewhat annoying due to his high energy level. When he becomes annoying he is sometimes referred to as "Little Mexican Dog" in annoyance.

Dog 4: Rowen

Adopted by my housemate from a proper kennel, he spent the first few weeks of living with us in an itchy hell because of a scabies infection that had gone undiagnosed. Now that he is cured he is much happier though his hair has yet to grow back in places. He is very loyal to his master and spends most of the day trying to heard people/animals into their proper locations. He also loves to warn people of anything that may be going on within the general vicinity of our home by barking loudly and repeatedly...this includes passing traffic. Thankfully we live in a low traffic neighborhood.

Cat 1: Death-bob the Destroyinator-Meow (or just Bob)

Adopted by one of my female housemates in Portland, Oregon, the original intention was not to have him as a housepet but just to keep him outdoors as the neighborhood cat because he routinely showed up begging for food. At some point he weaseled his way into the home and was thus given a name (by yours truly) a bath and a home to live in. He is a very solitary creature who is not overly fond of high-energy creatures or movement in general. Due to a cyst on his ear that was surgically removed, his one ear has a permanent kink in it.

Cat 2: Kitten

Adopted some time after Bob by the same female housemate, Kitten was adopted at a time when he was still a kitten. Despite having a real name, he has learned that his name is Kitten just as the Chihuahua has learned the wrong name and thus no one uses his real name anymore. He is a very high-energy creature who likes to play in the safety of his room but is neurotic in almost every other sense. He is terrified of the dogs for the most part and refuses to leave the upstairs. He is oftentimes viewed as the slightly-mentally-retarded younger sibling of Bob.
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Title: TYWE News
Series: Things You Weren't Expecting to Hear
Rating: PG13
Summary: This is a story pieced together from a nightlong conversation between myself and my housemates in which we attempted to determine what roles each of our animals would play should they all be members of a news station.
Warning: This is my crack...

Note: It may help to read THIS before continuing

TYWE News )


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