First Day

May. 15th, 2012 09:30 pm
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Title: First Day
Author: Tyrror
Pairing: Damian Wayne/Colin Wilkes
Rating: PG
Universe: First!Verse 
Previous: First Friend

Moving had been far easier than Damian had considered. 
In his near constant attempts at getting someone in the manor to make the redhead part of the family over the past year, the sixteen year old had forgotten to take into account that normal teenagers do not have anywhere near the number of possessions he did. This point is only extrapolated ten-fold when the teenager in question is an orphan.
So it was that one hour, three boxes, and one tattered backpack into what he had assumed would be a day full of moving escapades, they were done. Needless to say, the large room did not exactly have a ‘filled and lived in’ feel to it quite yet.
The fact that the manor’s second largest bedroom, following only his father’s, happened to be just across the hall from his own was mere coincidence and, as he had already informed Colin multiple time that morning, “Of course my bedroom has always been there.”
He had not, for any inane reason such as realizing the other boy’s fear of closed in places and dark rooms, purposefully moved all of his belongings to the other end of the manor across from the massive room just so he could stay withing yelling distance. That would be an utterly ludicrous thought.
Striding across the room, he took the mangled backpack, making a mental note to replace it soon, from the still somewhat stunned grasp of his best friend and undid the zip as he made his way toward he bed. Silently, and with far more care than he normally showed for such things, he reached in and pulled the stuffed bear from his confines, setting him gently on the bedside table where he could watch the proceedings.
Leaning in quickly, he whispered something to the composite of stuffing and felt, knowing full well how Colin’s face twisted behind him as the redhead tried to hide the grin that surfaced whenever Damian talked to Rory.
Standing, the younger boy moved quickly to where his friend stood in an awkward combination of amusement and confusion amidst the emptiness of his new home. Grabbing for a slender, pale arm, Damian proceeded to pull him towards the doorway to a series of half-hearted protests.
“Dami!” Colin blurted, tripping over his own awkwardly large feet, “Where are we...?” he trailed off, looking back over his shoulder to where his things remained boxed up and a single stuffed bear watched them as they retreated. “What about Rory?”
“He has promised to guard your room in the unlikely event of ninja invasion while we procure  adequate decoration for your residence.”
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