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I am a terrible, terrible human being...I think that about covers what you are about to read...

Title: Garrosh Manmaker
Rating: MooFluff (and then some)
Summary: The Tauren druid, Seishirou, attempts to maintain the secrecy of his relationship against the wishes of his lover.
Disclaimer: The following is insanity brought about by several friends of mine and their dirty, dirty minds. Also, none of the characters in this belong to me.

A dark green hand gently caressed the fur that was exposed through one of the random openings in the leg of his partners pants, calloused fingers stroking the skin beneath in a manner that didn't quite seem natural for a warriors grip. The tall, broad shouldered Tauren being so mindlessly touched shuddered slightly, a deep rumble rolling from his chest that may as easily have been a moan as it could a growl.

“Garrosh,” the Tauren spoke low, his voice that same rumble, coated in darkness and something slightly more. “We should not do this here.”

“Why not, Moofluff?” The chief asked lazily, smiling up from his throne as his druidic lover glared down at him for using the unwelcome pet name.

“You are well aware why,” Seishirou responded in the ever-calm voice of his people, his eyes an unyielding glaze hiding what emotions may lie beneath.

The orc's hand grasped the fur it was playing with more tightly for a short moment as he rose to his feet, using his lover's thigh to brace his change in position and coming to stand but the barest of fractions shorter than the bovine, so long as you didn't count the horns.

“I rule here,” Garrosh muttered into the muzzle of the other, causing his sensitive nose to twitch slightly and the orc chieftain to chuckle under his breath. “They will do as I tell them or face the consequences...whether they like it or not.”

The last was added almost as an afterthought as he leaned forward the last few inches to bring their mouths together in a kiss that seemed almost foolishly careful for two of the strongest warriors of their kind. It was awkward this time, as it always was, to work mouths and tongues and hands around tusks and teeth and fur and horns, but somehow they managed as they always did until...

“Lord Garrosh, I'm afraid to inform you that......?”

The page ran into the room as he was trained, without stopping, and was confronted with what is almost certainly the farthest possibility from his mind. He stood there for a moment, uncertain what was the proper thing to do in such a situation, when he was fixed within the glare of Garrosh himself, cold eyes tearing into him like an Alliance spear from over the shoulder of the Tauren in whose fur the orcs hands were entangled.

“Yes?” the orc chieftain said simply, implying all the threat in the world in that single word. From somewhere near his ear another deep voice trailed just loud enough for the warrior to hear, “You really should install doors in here...”

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As a Horde player... damn you! I will never look at Garrosh the same way EVER AGAIN.


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