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Title: Hello
Universe: Cafe
Pairing: Damian Wayne/Colin Wilkes
Rating: PG
Summary: Some days are hard, even when those days are normal. Everyday grind in an everyday job. A lost lonely redhead just trying to make ends meet in a corner cafe despite every indication that they'll never quite make it there. Unless, that is, a scrap of paper has the power to stretch the gap left in his heart.
Notes: This is my fill to a request put in by the lovely Heartslogos over at tumblr who asked that someone write her a fic which was based off of "Marry Me" by Marianas Trench.
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Tiny bells.

Tiny bells with tiny chimes that rang out one final time as the door closed on a slowly darkening downtown night. The equally familiar sound of the lock sliding shut quickly followed and the redhead heard himself sigh out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. A long, lonely noise that forced him back to reality, and back to to work.

The damp cloth was slightly sticky from maple syrup and spilled sugar where he wiped it off the tables mechanically. Condiments back in their containers, salt and pepper neatly side by side. Another long day dealing with angry customers and broken dishes ebbing towards a close.

One last table.
One last tip.
One last...

The receipt was sticky, like the tables, but he couldn't bring himself to care. It clung to his fingertips when he flexed them, crinkling lightly as he turned it over and the edges of his mouth quirked at the lack of information he found.

An ironic smile that slowly wore teeth and became real.

In elegant handwriting on the blank white back of the slip, a single capital 'I' was written and then scrawled out. Next to it, similar treatment had been given to the word 'You' as well. That left a single word.

A single word and a question mark.



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