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Title: To Find You (A Reminder)

Author: Tyrror
Universe: K9!Verse
Previous: Dial ‘K’ for K-9 
Pairing: Jay/Tim
Rating: PG
Summary: Tim decides to interrupt a private moment.


 Jason ran his hand mindlessly through the smaller creature’s hair, staring blankly out the large picture-window that ran the full length of the living room wall. The city sparkled below in its darkness, tiny twinkling lights against a backdrop of black and grime, but here in the small space he called home everything was shining, polished wood and the scent of lemons. He shifted slightly, balancing his load, the muscles in his back moving and stretching to relieve an unseen kink, before he looked down at the bundle in his arms.

He was humming, a tuneless melody with no real beginning and then, without warning, he was singing. The words were soft, almost too soft to hear and far slower than the song was meant to be sung, but it was there none-the-less.

“I have often dreamed of a far off place,” his head shifted slightly, dark hair flipping just far enough to show a spec of white towards his temple and the corner of a mouth, a mouth that was upturned in a begrudgingly sad smile.

“Where a great warm welcome will be waiting for me.”

His smile wavered for a moment, the corner jumping back and forth between multiple emotions that couldn’t be easily read. Deep chocolate hair ran between his fingers with an absentminded motion and the sliver of his expression that could be seen settled again into a vaguely neutral tone.

“Where the crowds will cheer when they see my face.” He chucked slightly, either the thought striking him as funny or something outside the window catching his attention; it was hard to tell from the doorway but the other man thought he had a good idea.

“And a voice keeps saying, this is where I’m meant to be.”

The sigh was heavy and followed by silence which was only expounded upon by the rather simplistic furnishings in the room. Bare walls and bare floors, a single couch and a television most men would dream about but rarely got any use in this particular apartment. Jason swayed back and forth for a moment, allowing himself to drift along parallel to the window before picking a new dark blotch on which to settle his focus.

“I will find my way, I will go the distance. I’ll be there some day, if I can be strong.”

His voice grew softer with each passing moment and he shifted the creature in his arms further into the crook of one elbow.

“I know every mile, will be worth my while.”

Lifting his load up slightly, he pressed his nose into the small patch of hair that could be seen at the odd angle and closed his eyes. A deep breath, in then out; his shoulders falling slightly under an unseen weight.

“I would go most anywhere to feel like I belong…”

The last word was simply spoken, no hint of tune to carry, and somewhat thick compared to the rest. The world jostled slightly as the camera angle changed, a light thump carrying into the room as the device was set down and the older man whirled around to face his intruder.

Tim smiled as he stepped into the frame and Jason’s face fell slightly from battle-ready to an awkward shyness that most people never saw. Not anymore, at least. The puppy in his arms shifted and yawned in its sleep, distracting everyone in the room for a short moment, however it was quickly over and Tim was working his way back across the room at a slow, gentle glide.

“I know every mile will be worth your while.”

Jason’s eyebrow quirked as Tim closed the gap between them, his arms wrapping around the taller man’s neck and his upper back bent at an awkward angle so as to not crush the small dog between them.

“When you go the distance you’ll be right where you…”

Tim’s words trailed off as he laid a light kiss to the other man’s mouth, Jason’s whole body shook slightly at the action and the younger man pressed a little harder into his lover’s lips. The sound of a shuddering breath rang through the otherwise silent room just an instant before Jason finally pressed back and then…the world turned to static.


In a large, dark room inside a larger, darker mansion; the disc ejected itself from the computer as the video came to an end. It hung there in space, the man in the desk chair refusing to look away from the snow that hissed on his screen. A shimmer ran down his face that may have been liquid, though it was doubtful he would ever admit it as such, and he batted at it absentmindedly as he drew a shaky breath.

The disk still waited.

On its back were three words, written in Tim’s neat scrawl with a fine-tipped marker:


A Reminder.



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