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Title: Wronghanded
Author: Tyrror
Pairing: Dick/Wally
Rating: PG
Summary: Wally is tired of pretending. Tired of hiding behind a wall of only half incorrect jokes like Robin hides behind sunglasses. So he is getting rid of both their safety nets in one fell swoop.

They had been sitting in his room for the last hour watching some pointless action flick that was mostly bad acting and high-budget special effects when Robin reached up and straightened his glasses for the fourth time and Wally suddenly realized something that he was almost embarrassed he hadn’t noticed before.

“Hey Robs,” he started, dropping his legs over the edge of the bed next to where the younger boy sat on the floor and watching as he turned his upper body slightly to look back over his shoulder.


“Umm…” suddenly he wasn’t so certain about what he was thinking, but as speedsters are want to do, he just kept moving before too much thought could take hold.

“I, um, want to try something and…well, you can stop me at any time but,” he reached out and grabbed Robin’s hand, forcing the other boy to spin about so that he was kneeling in front of the redhead.

“You can’t use this hand.”

The look of confusion on Robin’s face spoke volumes and Wally was caught somewhere between chuckling and vibrating from nervousness, so he settled on awkward rambling and kept talking.

“I noticed that you always use this hand when you’re messing with your glasses and when you’re fixing your mask and, um…I’m going to,”

The older boy reached out with a slightly trembling hand that hovered just to the side of Robin’s peripheral vision. With a visible swallow, Wally smiled nervously before letting his thumb and forefinger gently grasp the glossy black plastic causing the younger boy to stiffen.
“I’m going to take these off.”

The hand in his own twitched, just enough to remember it was being held back before he stopped.

“Why?” Robin asked softly, his voice far more uncertain than such a simple act should portray.
Wally’s hand froze with the glasses just a fraction farther from the other boy’s face than they normally sat and thought for a second before a tinge of red began to make its way across his face and he glanced to the side with just his eyes before looking down at where his best friend knelt and started mumbling.

“I…um…you know how everyone has that moment when they want to see the whole world but some stupid reason is stopping them?”

The room was filled with an awkward silence as both boy just stared at each other through tinted glass, Wally temporarily unable to get himself to finish the statement and Robin unable to comprehend where it might be leading, but ultimately the need for action won out over the temporary staring contest and the redhead blurted out in a single breath.

“Well, you’re my world…”

The blush on Wally’s face had now spread all the way up his ears which felt like they were on fire and, whether it was good or not he didn’t know, Robin was slowly turning red as well. With a quick shift, the younger boy twisted his head in just such a manner that the glasses fell further into Wally’s outstretched palm revealing pale blue eyes that were busy staring at the redhead’s lap.

“Oh…” the younger boy said awkwardly as he glanced up and quickly back down, biting his lip while the corners twitched up and down in what Wally was seriously hoping was a nervous smile.


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